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Our Partners, for community

Video Transcript: IG Ally loves community to partner up and give each other support one way or another to uplift their purpose. Just like as you also are doing what you love.

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Ally with Us

What our clients have to say


Hello I am Jasper Norman! (Displaying PT sign on right shoulder) I am the founder of Protactile Universe (PTU) and I wanted to let everyone know that I am proud that PTU is ally with Infinite Getaway Ally. Reason because they are familiar with the tools and necessities (resources) that best fit for this organization. Not only that, they are always include DeafBlind access, their needs and so forth. So this is where I am really exciting

PTU look forward to many more events together in the future. We had blast in the past. If you, all want to host an event reach out to me at [email protected] and Thank you! 


Hello !!! I am Miss Zyafirah. I m with GloveStudio promoting and ally with Infinite Getaway Ally. They are truly fantastic Travel Agency to work with. They are fully amazing and transparency, clear for my trip. Also a Deaf-centered which is wonderful as well, looking forward to see all of you at my next event; cruise which happens next spring! Blow kiss .. bye bye 


Hello!! I am Lillouie ( Displaying sign name) I am the owner of Handsync (showing sign for it). I am partnering with Infinite Getaway; plans for cruise.  Wow, their communication style is truly transparent, very engaging. That is something I like. When I do not understand or am missing out, they will make sure I am fully into it. They are always ahead, one step ahead!  Truly champ because they communicate my language which is ASL. Deaf to Deaf! Very friendly to LGBTQIA community as well, not only that but to DeafBlind and other groups. Truly impressive and champ! Kissfist!!

Lara Rose

Hello my name is Lara Rose Wall, I am DeafBlind from Florida.. I am also co-founder of PTDA (Protactile Dream Adventures). I am exciting to share about our travel agent her name is Jennifer Ricca she is wonderful, energetic passion, and making plans for our trips to make successful for next year to Bahamas and after that we can go to different trips, land, cruises and it will be wonderful experiences for DeafBlind to get together! Thumbs up

Dana Kana

Hello!! I am Dana Kana, myself DeafBlind from North California. Now, I am here to make an announcement; stomp, stomp, stomp. Thrilled establishment for DB community and general as well. It is called “PTDA” (Protactile Dream Adventures). Truly excited about it and what is so special about this, TA Jennifer Ricca, ally with us to plan our first trip to Bahamas next year. Now we are looking forward to this trip and can't wait! This is exciting to have all DeafBlind community get together real soon. Thumbs up!


Hello, I am Deidra! I am partnering with this company. Will tell you a few reasons why I love this company. Deaf-owned, really cool. It doesn’t cost us anything. Champ! Direct access ASL service travel agency. They handle bookings, payments, follow up, questions/concerns, really amazing! They tend to answer all emails, answer phone calls in a timely manner. They always provide answers. Wow, they wanted to make sure you are well prepared and ready for your trip. Why is this agency better? Of course, if I call the Cruise Company, I will have to wait and talk to many representatives while this one directs one. Whereas, you can ask all of your questions right there and receive information from the same person. That is real easy life, right! This company provides cruise information, land tours and all-inclusive hotel packages. You have options to go with. Now you see what I just mentioned, this is why I ally with this company. BEST. Thumbs up!

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